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Web Design

It is not necessary having experience in designing for more than decade, NTS-Media is a Premier web design and a fast growing company in Durban(Ndwedwe).At NTS-Media a quality of web design services stands as a prominent parameter of our growth. Conceptualizing a unique idea and concretizes it through professional web design to represent your business online. NTS-Media design professionally unique websites with brand look and feel so that you can successfully compete with your competitors, get noticed by the target audience, grab a larger share of the niche market, and achieve more than your pre-defined target.
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Web Development

Web application development is one of our core competencies. We have expertise on different web technologies like Microsoft .NET, Java & PHP.Our team members are highly proficient in design and development of web applications using most modern content management system frameworks including Joomla, Magento, Wordpress,Drupal,Cakephp,Zencart And E-Commerce, Backed with a good fifteen year experience and we are able to implement almost any functional requirement for your Website.
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Graphics Design

In graphics development company is committed to empower worldwide customers with innovative ideas and experiments through a broad spectrum of our services. NTS-Media create the right image for your company is crucial. The image you portray to the world is a powerful message you are sending regarding your company's philosophy, professionalism and credibility.We Are a global company with Graphic development being done in Africa.
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Mobile Apps. Development

Mobile application development is a process that includes the creativity of mobile apps that could either be a stand-alone concept or an application that enhances an established or new website.The trend of mobile interactive applications is in big demand. Users have started admiring the remarkable sensible and entertainment value provided by mobile apps. The mobile application development brought about by the entrance of the iPhone and the iPad has pushed the demand of mobile applications.
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CMS based website has become one of the most powerful business tools today.A CMS based website also known as content management solution can be accessible from any part of the world,A content management system is a system used to manage the content of the website Which enables you to remove, edit or add the content of the website without the help of a web developer or a web designer.
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Internet Marketing

Traffic is the foundation of everything. It is the life and blood of all online businesses Hence, rather than just increasing visitors to your website, One of the main components of online marketing is Internet Marketing services which basically include web based marketing for every website.it has become quite essential to take the benefit of internet marketing solutions in turn raising the business returns.
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