Wallpaper Designing

Wallpaper Designing

There are large variety of companies are selling similar kind of products & services and in such a competitive market, unique Wallpaper plays a vital role as effective marketing tool to attract target segment of customers.We are also beginning to see increased interest in 20th century wallpaper from the 20s and 30s, as well as turn of the century. To design customized wallpaper our professional wallpaper designers use to collect some necessary information from clients such as sample designs of competitors of modern times and specific number of target customers to business.

In NTS-Media's professional wallpaper designing, we utilize the space optimally & do not leave negative space. Moreover, we use the space to demonstrate company’s vital marketing information.Working from available documentation, such as fragments of the original pattern or photographs, we define each design element and determine colors in order to restore patterns to their original state. We retain the exact measurements of the document. The recreated wallpaper pattern is then silk-screened by hand using water-based inks.

In highly aggressive market NTS-Media offer unique Corporate wallpaper Design services. Successful wallpaper designing includes perfect balance of text and images to deliver the real message of business clearly. Our professional wallpaper designers are capable of designing a wide range of wallpapers.

some of the popular types are:

  • Die cuts
  • Embossing
  • 1-Fold wallpapers 4 panels
  • 2-Fold wallpapers 6 panels
  • E-mailable PDF wallpapers

we suggest to use appropriate and easy to grasp content and we make optimum utilization of graphics to make the wallpaper successful.


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